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Question 1: His current superhuman status can be defined in his own words as "I am a god" and is supported by a battle with a clone of the Mad Titan ________ in which he held his own.
Genis-VellStan LeeJack KirbyThanos

Question 2: In Spider-Man 2, John Jameson, played by Daniel Gillies, is ________'s fiancé.
Doctor OctopusSpider-Man (film series)Mary Jane WatsonSymbiote (comics)

Question 3: In the alternate-future known as ________, John Jameson married Dr.
Spider-HamMarvel UniverseMC2Multiverse (Marvel Comics)

Question 4: John had been dating ________ (Jennifer Walters) and the two had been living together for some time along with She-Hulk's coworker, Augustus Pugliese.
She-HulkWolverine (comics)Jack KirbyStan Lee

Question 5: John Jameson was born in ________.
New York metropolitan areaNew York CityManhattanBrooklyn

Question 6: He is the son of J. Jonah Jameson, the irascible, gruff publisher of the ________.
Spider-ManDaily BugleStan LeeCivil War (comics)

Question 7: He attacked Mary Jane and ________ in the Avengers Tower, but was subdued by Tony Stark's Guardsmen before he could harm them.
J. Jonah JamesonAunt MaySandman (Marvel Comics)Doctor Octopus

Question 8: On ________, John Jameson lives on the moon and is the father of Jay Jameson.
Earth XMarvel UniverseMultiverse (Marvel Comics)Negative Zone

Question 9: Some time after that, the ruby was reattached to John by ________ who used Man-Wolf as a pawn so Morbius could find a cure for himself.
Stan LeeRichard and Mary ParkerMorbius, the Living VampireSpider-Woman (Jessica Drew)

Question 10: John Jameson (also known by the aliases Man-Wolf, Stargod and Colonel Jupiter) is a fictional character in publications from ________.
Marvel EntertainmentMarvel ComicsMarvel AnimationMarvel Studios


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