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John II of Portugal: Quiz


Question 1: He appears in ________ (as João II), leading the Portugese.
Civilization IIICivilization IV: WarlordsCivilization IV: Beyond the SwordCivilization IV

Question 2: The archives of this period were destroyed in the fire after the ________ and what was not destroyed during the earthquake was either stolen or destroyed during the Peninsular War or otherwise lost.
LusophobiaPortugal1755 Lisbon earthquakePortuguese people

Question 3: The nobles (including particularly Fernando II, the ________) were afraid of his future policies as king.
Duke of BraganzaHouse of BraganzaDuchy of BraganzaJohn IV of Portugal

Question 4: Before Columbus even reached ________, John II had already sent a letter to them threatening to send a fleet to claim it for Portugal.
Isabella I of CastileJoanna of CastileFerdinand II of AragonIsabella, Princess of Asturias (1470–1498)

Question 5: Letters of complaint and pleas to intervene were exchanged between the Duke of Braganza and Queen ________.
Isabella, Princess of Asturias (1470–1498)Ferdinand II of AragonIsabella I of CastileJoanna of Castile

Question 6: Isabella I of Castile and ________ had several daughters, but only one feeble male heir — Juan.
Ferdinand II of AragonAlfonso V of AragonCharles V, Holy Roman EmperorFerdinand I, Holy Roman Emperor

Question 7: Even before the ________, such was the profit coming from John II's investments in the overseas explorations and expansion that the Portuguese currency had become the soundest in Europe.
Cape VerdeBrazilTreaty of TordesillasPortuguese Empire

Question 8: 1488 - Bartolomeu Dias rounded the ________
South AfricaTable Mountain National ParkCape TownCape of Good Hope

Question 9: The result of this would be the famous ________.
Portuguese EmpireTreaty of TordesillasBrazilCape Verde

Question 10: 1484 – Diogo Cão discovered the ________
Congo RiverBelgian CongoEarly Congolese historyCongo Free State


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