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Question 1: He is a principal character in ________'s 1998 novel, The Giant, O'Brien.
English peopleHilary MantelUnited KingdomMaximilien Robespierre

Question 2: His recognition rose in 1767 when he was elected as Fellow of the ________ and in 1768 he was appointed as surgeon to St. George's Hospital.
Michael AtiyahCopley MedalGeorge PorterRoyal Society

Question 3: As a youth, John showed little talent, and helped his brother-in-law as a ________.
MarquetryPaper modelCabinet makingWoodworking

Question 4: some work on ________, including possibly inoculating himself with venereal disease in 1767 to carry out further study
Safe sexReproductive medicineSexually transmitted diseaseSexual dysfunction

Question 5: Hunter studied under William Cheselden at ________ and Percival Pott at St. Bartholomew's Hospital.
Royal Hospital ChelseaUnited KingdomAlexander George WoodfordLondon

Question 6: In 1783 Hunter moved to a large house in ________, where today there stands a statue to him.
LondonLeicester SquarePiccadilly CircusEngland

Question 7: There is also a bust of him in ________ in London's West End and in the South West corner of Lincoln's Inn Fields.
Piccadilly CircusXfm LondonEnglandLeicester Square

Question 8: Hunter was born at Long Calderwood, then near ________, Lanarkshire, Scotland the youngest of ten children.
Hamilton, South LanarkshireCambuslangEast KilbrideBothwell

Question 9: an understanding of the nature of ________, and verifying that fats are absorbed into the lacteals, a type of small intestine lymphatic capillary, and not into the intestinal blood capillaries as was generally accepted.
Endocrine systemDigestionStomachImmune system

Question 10: Hunter was the basis for the character "Jack Tearguts" in ________'s unfinished satirical novel, An Island in the Moon.
Descriptive Catalogue (1809)Percy Bysshe ShelleyGeorge Gordon Byron, 6th Baron ByronWilliam Blake

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