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Question 1: The film also portrays Carpenter as suffering from ________.
Retinitis pigmentosaMonochromacyColor blindnessAchromatopsia

Question 2: The film strongly suggests that Carpenter was ________ and was sexually attracted to Crane which was the theory and supposition presented by prosecutors who were lacking a motive for the crime.
GayHomosexualitySexual orientationBisexuality

Question 3: In the special features section of the DVD, a documentary extra has Carpenter's second wife adamantly asserting that Carpenter was completely ________.
HeterosexualitySexual orientationBisexualityHomosexuality

Question 4: He served in the ________ and was married twice.
United States Marine CorpsUnited States armed forcesUnited States Army AfricaUnited States Army

Question 5: Carpenter, a salesman specializing in video technology[2], met Crane via ________, another cast member on Hogan's Heroes.
Ray CombsCelebrity Family FeudRichard DawsonFamily Feud

Question 6: [4] He was born on an ________ where as a teenager he often earned money as a migrant worker harvesting apricots.
Indian reserveCityIndian reservationRancherĂ­a

Question 7: In the 2002 biopic Auto Focus, Carpenter was played by ________.
Rowan AtkinsonTim BurtonWillem DafoeAcademy Award for Best Supporting Actor

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