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Question 1: In May 1637 he emigrated with his wife to ________ and settled in Charlestown, where many of his classmates had arrived before him.
Southern United StatesNortheastern United StatesNew EnglandMidwestern United States

Question 2: The ________ plays in front of the statue after home game victories.
Ivy LeaguePrinceton University BandScramble bandHarvard University Band

Question 3: A statue of John Harvard, sculpted by ________, sits in Harvard Yard at Harvard University.
Henry BaconBostonDaniel Chester FrenchAtlanta

Question 4: Harvard entered ________, then a Puritan stronghold, in December 1627 and received his B.A. in 1632.
Trinity College, CambridgeChrist's College, CambridgeSt John's College, CambridgeEmmanuel College, Cambridge

Question 5: [2] The ________ is also named after him.
Longfellow BridgeAnderson Memorial BridgeHarvard BridgeBoston University Bridge

Question 6: John married Ann Sadler (1614-1655), of Ringmer, ________, in April, 1636, daughter of the Rev.
SussexEast SussexEnglandWest Sussex

Question 7: John Harvard (November 26, 1607 – September 14, 1638) was an English clergyman and first benefactor of the college that was named ________ in his honor.
Harvard CrimsonHarvard UniversityHarvard CollegeRadcliffe College

Question 8: John Sadler and sister of Harvard's contemporary, John Sadler, the ________ and orientalist.
LawyerCommon lawLegal educationSharia

Question 9: Charlestown made him the minister of the Church, but within the following year he contracted ________ and died on September 14, 1638.
Pathogenic bacteriaTuberculosisAnthraxLeprosy

Question 10: The school renamed itself "Harvard College" on March 13, 1639, and Harvard was first referred to as a university rather than a college by the new ________ of 1780.
California ConstitutionMassachusetts ConstitutionNew Hampshire ConstitutionOhio Constitution


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