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John Gower: Quiz


Question 1: Towards the end of his life, he took up residence in rooms provided by the Priory of St Mary Overie (now ________).
St Paul's CathedralSt Albans CathedralSouthwark CathedralCanterbury Cathedral

Question 2:
What role did John Gower play in the telemovie On the Up?
Mr. Norster
Tony Carpenter
Mr. Wostenholme

Question 3: After his death in 1408, Gower was interred in an ostentatious tomb in the Priory church (now ________), which remains today.
St Albans CathedralSt Paul's CathedralSouthwark CathedralCanterbury Cathedral

Question 4: He was probably born to an affluent family from ________ (Southeast England), and may have been a landowner.

Question 5: ________ (English, c.1386–1393)
The Canterbury TalesJohn GowerConfessio AmantisGeoffrey Chaucer

Question 6: His primary mode is ________, although he shies away from sustained abstractions in favour of the plain style of the raconteur.
C. S. LewisPlatoAllegoryJ. R. R. Tolkien

Question 7: ________, a play by Shakespeare, based on Gower's work and featuring Gower as the Chorus.
Pericles, Prince of TyreHamletTwelfth NightThe Taming of the Shrew

Question 8: When Chaucer was sent as a diplomat to Italy in 1378, Gower was one of the men to whom he gave power of attorney over his affairs in ________.
United KingdomWalesScotlandEngland

Question 9: During the 20th century he has received more recognition, notably by ________ in The Allegory of Love (1936).
The Lion, the Witch and the WardrobeC. S. LewisMere ChristianityThe Great Divorce

Question 10: While in ________, he became closely associated with the nobility of his day.


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