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Question 1: He is a ________ (United Kingdom), and a recipient of its Sylvester Medal.
Copley MedalMichael AtiyahRoyal SocietyGeorge Porter

Question 2: In 1963, he and Walter Feit proved that all nonabelian finite ________ are of even order (the Odd Order Paper, filling a whole issue of the Pacific Journal of Mathematics).
Simple groupGroup (mathematics)Group homomorphismSolvable group

Question 3: O'Connor, John J.; Robertson, Edmund F., "John G. Thompson", MacTutor History of Mathematics archive, ________,  .
University of CambridgeUniversity of GlasgowUniversity of OxfordUniversity of St Andrews

Question 4: Thompson became a key figure in the progress toward the ________.
Group (mathematics)Sporadic groupMonster groupClassification of finite simple groups

Question 5: After spending some time on the Mathematics faculty at the University of Chicago, he moved in 1970 to the Rouse Ball Professorship in Mathematics at the University of Cambridge, ________, and later moved to the Mathematics Department of the University of Florida as a Graduate Research Professor.
ScotlandEnglandWalesUnited Kingdom

Question 6: He received his B.A. from Yale University in 1955 and his doctorate from the ________ in 1959 under the supervision of Saunders Mac Lane.
Illinois Institute of TechnologyNorthwestern UniversityUniversity of ChicagoUniversity of Illinois at Chicago

Question 7: Thompson also received the Wolf Prize in 1992, and was awarded the United States ________ in 2000.
Charles Stark DraperJoshua LederbergGlenn T. SeaborgNational Medal of Science

Question 8: At the time, this achievement was noted in ________,[2] (though, unfortunately, his university affiliation was stated incorrectly there).
International Herald TribuneThe New York Times CompanyThe Boston GlobeThe New York Times

Question 9: John Griggs Thompson (born October 13, 1932, in ________, USA) is a mathematician noted for his work in the field of finite groups.
Ottawa, KansasOlathe, KansasFranklin County, KansasKansas City, Kansas

Question 10: Thompson also made major contributions to the ________.
Symmetric groupGalois theoryMonster groupInverse Galois problem


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