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Question 1: Just as I have said since I have been able to talk and shall continue to say."[18 ] Speaker Rayburn defended Rankin, ruling that "the gentlemen from ________ is not subject to a point of order...
AlabamaMississippiGeorgia (U.S. state)Florida

Question 2: Rankin was born near Bolanda in Itawamba County, Mississippi and he graduated from the ________ law school in 1910.
University of FloridaMississippi State UniversityOle Miss RebelsUniversity of Mississippi

Question 3: John Elliott Rankin (March 29, 1882 – November 26, 1960) was a congressman from the U.S. State of ________.
Georgia (U.S. state)AlabamaMississippiFlorida

Question 4: After Rankin used the epithet nigger on the floor of the ________, Rep.
United States CongressUnited States House of RepresentativesUnited States SenateState governments of the United States

Question 5: He was followed by Representative ________ who condemned the mob in Peekskill for violating constitutional guarantees of freedom of speech and free assembly.
Aaron BurrMartin Van BurenRobert F. KennedyJacob K. Javits

Question 6: He supported racial segregation and voiced racist views on ________[1] and Jews[2] on the floor of the United States House of Representatives.
African American cultureGreat Migration (African American)African AmericanAfrican-American Civil Rights Movement (1955–1968)

Question 7: Rankin ran for the Democratic nomination following the death of ________.
Theodore G. BilboJames K. VardamanAlbert G. BrownHenry S. Foote

Question 8: In 1944, following the ________, the U.S. Navy asked Congress to give $5,000 to the victim's families.
San Francisco Bay AreaSan FranciscoConcord, CaliforniaPort Chicago disaster

Question 9: A racial minority seized control in Russia and in all her satellite countries, such as Poland, ________, and many other countries I could name.
Czechoslovak Socialist RepublicCzechoslovak Republic (1918–1938)CzechoslovakiaCzech Republic

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