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John Constantine: Quiz


Question 1:

Question 2:
What was John Constantine allied to?

Question 3:
Who portrayed John Constantine?
Quinn Buniel
Shela Ward
Michael Resh #2
Alec Sabin

Question 4: In his earliest Swamp Thing appearances, the character is drawn with a marked resemblance to Sting, and in Swamp Thing #51, Constantine appears on a boat with the name "The Honorable ________" on the bow.
...Nothing Like the SunSting discographySting (musician)The Police

Question 5:
What company publishes John Constantine?

Question 6:
What powers does John Constantine have?

Question 7: As well as using sigils to hide himself from Satan (graphic novel collection Rake At The Gates Of Hell) Also placed various sigils on an abandoned caravan that he housed himself in to hide himself from the demon ________.

Question 8: John Constantine (pronounced /ˈkɒnstəntaɪn/[1]) (born May 10, 1953) is a fictional character, an occult detective in ________ published by Vertigo.
American comic bookComic bookGraphic novelBritish comics

Question 9: Despite all that has happened, Cheryl still loves her ________ enough to accept The First's deal and decides to stay.

Question 10: Among them there was also his sister Cheryl; one of his sons had in fact exploited her husband's ________ to make him see his wife as a witch — and thus a person to be killed.
SamaritanChristianityReligious fanaticismIslam

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