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John Byrne: Quiz


Question 1: He also wrote and drew another of DCā€™s signature series, the long-running ________ title from 1995ā€“1998.
Wonder WomanSupermanThemysciraFlash (Barry Allen)

Question 2: From 1999ā€“2001, Byrne returned to the X-Men once again, as he wrote and drew the ________ series X-Men: The Hidden Years.
Buffy the Vampire Slayer (TV series)One Thousand and One NightsUnreliable narratorFlashback

Question 3: [40] Others have been critical, however: fellow Canadian ________ called Byrne a "fifth-generation Neal Adams imitator".
Ren & Stimpy "Adult Party Cartoon"John KricfalusiThe Ren and Stimpy ShowGeorge Liquor

Question 4:
What role did John Byrne play in the movie The Board?

Question 5: He also wrote the first issues of Mike Mignola's ________ series and produced a number of Star Trek comics for IDW Publishing.
Hellboy II: The Golden ArmyMike MignolaHellboyBureau for Paranormal Research and Defense

Question 6: Near the end of his time at Marvel he was hired by DC Comics to revamp its flagship character ________.
Supergirl (Kara Zor-El)SupermanSuperboy (Kon-El)Darkseid

Question 7: ________: Ganthet's Tale (one shot; scripter-artist, from a story by Larry Niven)
Hal JordanKyle RaynerAlan ScottGreen Lantern

Question 8: JLA (writer/artist) #94-99, with ________
John ByrneJean GreyX-MenChris Claremont

Question 9: John Lindley Byrne (born July 6, 1950) is a British-born ________-American author and artist of comic books.
BelizeCanadaBarbadosThe Bahamas

Question 10: Byrne took over writing ________ (#258ā€“277), drawn by John Romita Jr. and later by Paul Ryan.
Advanced Idea MechanicsStan LeeIron ManStark Tower

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