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Question 1: ________'s files on the case were initially closed to the public for 75 years, until 2033.
Police Community Support OfficerScotland YardHome OfficeSpecial police

Question 2: The committal hearing took place in ________ on 14 January 1957.
Seaford, East SussexPeacehavenNewhaven, East SussexLewes

Question 3: The senior officer, ________ Herbert Hannam of Scotland Yard was known for having solved the infamous Teddington Towpath Murders in 1953.
Chief InspectorAssistant CommissionerSuperintendent (police)Chief Superintendent

Question 4: The defence was not required to explain how the books came into their hands, and the Attorney-General made no effort to pursue this matter, despite his ________ of "Sir Bullying Manner".

Question 5:
John Bodkin Adams, Conrad Black and Nick Leeson are all:
People from Eastbourne British fraudsters 1983 deaths 1946 crimes

Question 6: It established the principle of ________, whereby a doctor giving treatment with the aim of relieving pain may, as an unintentional result, shorten life.
Apophatic theologyThomas AquinasPrinciple of double effectJust War

Question 7:
John Bodkin Adams, Charles Bronson (prisoner) and Kray twins are all:
1983 deaths British criminals 1946 crimes Plymouth Brethren people

Question 8: [71] She had been depressed since the death of her husband four months earlier and had been prescribed large amounts of sodium barbitone and also sodium ________.

Question 9: [48] Adams had diagnosed cancer five days earlier and made a prescription for Sharpe for hyperduric ________ and 36 pethidine tablets.

Question 10:
John Bodkin Adams, Olaudah Equiano and Orde Wingate are all:
Plymouth Brethren people Poisoners LGBT people from the United Kingdom British evangelicals

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