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Question 1: He later completed his secondary school education in an adult education programme and managed to get accepted to the ________, but dropped out after a couple of years of unsuccessful study.
Chalmers University of TechnologyRoyal Institute of TechnologyETH ZurichPolytechnic University of Turin

Question 2: Ausonius continued his shootings and, on ________, he mortally wounded Jimmy Ranjbar, another Iranian student, who died the next day.
January 1July 20March 4November 8

Question 3: Ausonius is also the main suspect for murdering a Jewish woman on February 23, 1992, in Frankfurt, ________.

Question 4: As an adult, he espoused hatred for Communists, Social Democrats, and ________, and dreamed about getting rich.
Immigration to the United Kingdom since 1922Immigration to EuropeImmigration to SpainImmigration

Question 5: Ausonius was born Wolfgang Alexander Zaugg in Lidingö east of Stockholm, Sweden, the son of a Swiss father and a ________ mother who had both immigrated to Sweden.
GermansAustriaEthnic GermansGermany

Question 6: On January 22, 1992, Ausonius went to ________, where he walked up to a couple, and shot the man in the head.

Question 7: However, poorly chosen investments depleted his fortune, and when he became addicted to gambling on a trip to ________, he found himself in dire economic circumstances.

Question 8: He grew up in Vällingby, a working class ________ of Stockholm.
New York CityLondonSuburbLos Angeles

Question 9: On the evening of October 21, 1991, outside the ________, Shahram Khosravi, a 25-year-old student of Iranian origin, was shot in the face but survived.
Karolinska InstitutetStockholm UniversitySödertörn UniversityUniversity College Dublin

Question 10: January 23, 1992, back in Stockholm, Ausonius shot a black bus driver, originally from ________, in the middle of the day.
Cayman IslandsZimbabweTurks and Caicos IslandsSaint Helena

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