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Johannes Ockeghem: Quiz


Question 1: Since ________ wrote a motet in honor of Ockeghem sometime before 1467, it is probable that those two were acquainted as well; and writers of the time often link Dufay, Busnois and Ockeghem.
Antoine BusnoisJosquin des PrezJohannes OckeghemBurgundian School

Question 2: To commemorate his death, ________ composed the motet La déploration de la mort de Johannes Ockeghem, a setting of the poem Nymphes des bois by Jean Molinet.
Josquin des PrezMarbrianus de OrtoMass (music)Pierre de La Rue

Question 3: Some of the authors of these poems included Jean Molinet and ________; Johannes Lupi provided another musical setting.
David HumeThomas AquinasBlaise PascalDesiderius Erasmus

Question 4: A strong influence on ________ and the subsequent generation of Netherlanders, Ockeghem was famous throughout Europe for his expressive music, although he was equally renowned for his technical prowess.
Mass (music)Pierre de La RueJohannes OckeghemJosquin des Prez

Question 5: In 1993, documents dating from 1607 were found stating that "Jan Hocquegam" was a native of Saint-Ghislain in the ________, which was confirmed by references in 16th century documents[5].
Burgundian CircleDuchy of BrabantCounty of ArtoisCounty of Hainaut

Question 6: Margarete - Maximilian I. Musik um 1500. ________ with La Caccia, Schola Cantorum Cantate Domino Aalst, Schola Gregoriana Lovaniensis.
Josquin des PrezArs subtiliorArs novaCapilla Flamenca

Question 7: Free scores by Johannes Ockeghem in the ________
English languageSpanish languageMcGill UniversityInternational Music Score Library Project

Question 8: Oh Flanders Free. Music of the Flemish Renaissance: Ockeghem, ________, Susato, De la Rue.
Mass (music)Marbrianus de OrtoJohannes OckeghemJosquin des Prez

Question 9: Around 1452 he moved to ________ where he served as maestro di cappella to the French court, as well as treasurer of the Abbey of St.
MarseilleParisVersaillesÉvry, Essonne

Question 10: [3] After the death of Louis XI (1483), not much is known for certain about Ockeghem's whereabouts, though it is known that he went to ________ and Tours, and he probably died in the latter town since he left a will there.


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