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Question 1: Bach's best-known orchestral works are the ________, so named because he submitted them in the hope of gaining employment from Margrave Christian Ludwig of Brandenburg-Schwedt in 1721; his application was unsuccessful.
Brandenburg concertosJohann Sebastian BachHarpsichord concertos (J. S. Bach)Chamber music

Question 2:
When was Johann Sebastian Bach born?

Question 3: Free recordings of the Brandenburg Concertos in MP3 and FLAC provided by Czech Radio (see ________)
CELTWavPackFree Lossless Audio CodecSpeex

Question 4: Bach performed a cantata on Sunday at the Thomaskirche, on a theme corresponding to the ________ readings of the week, as determined by the Lutheran Church Year calendar.
Liturgical bookEpistlePsalmsLectionary

Question 5:
How is Johann Sebastian Bach described?
German composer and organist
Inuit chief
Australian television personality

Question 6: Bach's job required him to instruct the students of the ________ in singing and to provide weekly music at the two main churches in Leipzig, St. Thomas and St Nicholas.
ThomanerchorGermanyJohann Sebastian BachThomasschule zu Leipzig

Question 7: His father taught him to play violin and ________.
ConcertoBaroque musicHarpsichordVirginals

Question 8: The most famous examples are the two books of the ________, each of which presents a prelude and fugue in every major and minor key, in which a variety of contrapuntal and fugal techniques are displayed.
Baroque musicJohann Sebastian BachJohann PachelbelThe Well-Tempered Clavier

Question 9: Several notable composers, including Mozart, Beethoven, Robert Schumann, and ________ began writing in a more contrapuntal style after being introduced to Bach's music.
Felix MendelssohnHector BerliozFrédéric ChopinRichard Wagner

Question 10: Thomas's Lutheran Church) in ________, as well as Director of Music in the principal churches in the town.


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