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Question 1: Pachelbel lived the rest of his life in Nuremberg, during which he published the ________ collection Musicalische Ergötzung, and, most important, the Hexachordum Apollinis (Nuremberg, 1699), a set of six keyboard arias with variations.
SonataChamber musicString quartetClassical music

Question 2: Pachelbel's ________ is much less virtuosic than Biber's Mystery Sonatas or Buxtehude's Opus 1 and Opus 2 chamber sonatas.
Piano quintetChamber musicClassical musicString quartet

Question 3: Though most influenced by Italian and southern German composers, he knew the northern German school, because he dedicated the Hexachordum Apollinis to ________.
Johann WalterMichael PraetoriusDieterich BuxtehudeJohann Crüger

Question 4: Scordatura only involves the tonic, dominant and sometimes the subdominant ________.
Pitch (music)NoteOctaveSemitone

Question 5: The double fugues exhibit a typical three-section structure: fugue on subject 1, fugue on subject 2, and the ________ with simultaneous use of both subjects.
MusicCanon (music)Baroque musicCounterpoint

Question 6:
Which of the following titles did Johann Pachelbel have?
The Prelude
Chaconne in F minor for organ
Jeolla Province

Question 7: The ________ bass is not necessarily repeated unaltered throughout the piece and is sometimes subjected to minor alterations and ornamentation.

Question 8: Also composed in the final years were Italian-influenced concertato Vespers and a set of more than ninety ________ fugues.
Marian devotionsMagnificatHail MaryAngelus

Question 9: The latter became one of the first European composers to take up residence in the ________ and so Pachelbel influenced, although indirectly and only to a certain degree, the American church music of the era.
Mesoamerican chronologyEuropean colonization of the AmericasPopulation history of American indigenous peoplesIndigenous peoples of the Americas

Question 10: Musicalische Ergötzung ("Musical Delight") is a set of six chamber suites for two scordatura violins and ________ published sometime after 1695.
Figured bassClefModern musical symbolsOrnament (music)


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