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Question 1: Schall on his part gave Sohyeon books on the ________, and looked forward to the spread of Catholicism in Korea, since Sohyeon was the heir to the king of Korea.
CatholicismEast–West SchismCrusadesCatholic Church

Question 2: This article incorporates text from the Encyclopædia Britannica, Eleventh Edition, a publication now in the ________.
Intellectual propertyCopyright infringementPublic domainCopyright

Question 3: The modified calendar provided more accurate predictions of ________ of the sun and the moon.

Question 4: In 1618 he left for China, reaching ________ in 1619.
Hong KongMacauPortugalEast Timor

Question 5: Crown Prince Sohyeon, the first son of King Injo of ________ in Korea, was highly interested in western sciences, and while he was a captive in Manchuria, visited and invited Schall to learn western sciences.
Joseon DynastySouth KoreaKorea under Japanese ruleKorean Empire

Question 6: Apart from successful missionary work, he became the trusted counsellor of the Shunzhi emperor of the ________, was created a mandarin, and held an important post in connection with the mathematical school.
ChinaQing DynastyMing DynastyYuan Dynasty

Question 7: He participated in compiling and modifying the Chinese calendar then known as Chongzhen ________, named after the last emperor of the Ming Dynasty.
Julian calendarCalendarIslamic calendarGregorian calendar

Question 8: A collection of his manuscripts was deposited in the ________.
Vatican LibrarySt. Peter's BasilicaVatican Secret ArchivesCatholic Church

Question 9: Born of noble parents in ________, Germany, he attended the Jesuit Gymnasium and joined the Society of Jesus in Rome in 1611.


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