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Johan Cruyff: Quiz


Question 1:
In what country was Johan Cruyff born?

Question 2: This angered Cruyff, who responded by signing for Ajax's archrivals ________.
FeyenoordAFC AjaxFC TwentePSV Eindhoven

Question 3:
Where was Johan Cruyff born?

Question 4:
When was Johan Cruyff born?

Question 5:
How is Johan Cruyff described?
Dutch footballer and coach
Australian television personality
American physicist

Question 6:
Which of the following titles did Johan Cruyff have?
Elections in New South Wales
Johan Cruyff - Navigation boxes and awards
Loving the Alien
Crucifixion With a Donor

Question 7:
What is Johan Cruyff also known as?
Sant' Euplo, Sant' Euplio
de Kirkby, John
Cruijff, Johan
Stephens, D. Mallory

Question 8:
Which of the following clubs as Johan Cruyff managed?

Question 9: Cruyff was working on another book, also using De Jong's photographs, and claimed unsuccessfully that Tirion's book violated his ________ and portrait rights.
United States trademark lawTrademarkGenericized trademarkPublic domain

Question 10:
What is the full name of Johan Cruyff?
Miguel Coronado
Magnus Pehrsson
Hendrik Johannes Cruijff


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