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Question 1: He had an ________ assessed at 128, but struggled academically in school due to severe dyslexia.
IntelligenceHealth and intelligenceRace and intelligenceIntelligence quotient

Question 2: Although Rifkin often hired prostitutes in ________ and Manhattan, he lived in East Meadow, a suburban town on Long Island.
Suffolk County, New YorkNew York CityBrooklynQueens

Question 3: In a season 5 episode of ________, "The Masseuse", Elaine dates a man named Joel Rifkin.
Jerry Seinfeld (character)George CostanzaSeinfeldCosmo Kramer

Question 4: Police finally caught up to Rifkin in June 1993, when state troopers spotted his pickup truck without license plates on the ________.
Southern State ParkwayNorthern State ParkwayWantagh State ParkwayBelt Parkway

Question 5: In February 1987, Rifkin's adoptive father committed suicide to end the pain of ________, adding further to Rifkin’s depression.

Question 6: In 1965, the family settled in ________, New York, where Rifkin would spend most of his remaining years.
Lawrence, Nassau County, New YorkFreeport, New YorkElmont, New YorkEast Meadow, New York

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