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Joel Brand: Quiz


Question 1: He became a communist and worked for the ________ as a sailor and odd-job man, spending time in the Philippines, Japan, China, and South America, before returning to Germany, where he became a middle-ranking communist functionary.
MarxismCominternCommunismLeft communism

Question 2: Brand cabled ahead to the Jewish Agency in Istanbul (then ________) to say he was about to arrive, then flew first to Sofia, then on to Istanbul, by German diplomatic plane, arriving on May 19.
Byzantine navyByzantine EmpireConstantinopleHagia Sophia

Question 3: Brand was born in Năsăud, Transylvania, now Romania, moving in 1910 with his family to ________ in Germany, where he was raised and educated.

Question 4: They could not be sure that their telegrams to ________ would not be intercepted and changed, or held up.

Question 5: and Britain that excluded the Soviet Union, and perhaps even ________.
Adolf HitlerNazi GermanySchutzstaffelNazi Party

Question 6: [19]"The Jews, in the meantime, would be sent to Auschwitz to be gassed until such time as a favorable reply was received," according to historian ________.
Adolf HitlerRaul HilbergHolocaust denialThe Holocaust

Question 7: ________ writes that Brand was angry and excited.
Adolf HitlerThe HolocaustHolocaust denialRaul Hilberg

Question 8: Hungary, Auschwitz, ________ — anywhere you want and anyone you want."[24] Brand was asked where he wanted to go to make the offer to the Jews and the Allies.
PolandCroatiaCzech RepublicSlovakia

Question 9: Whatever its purpose, the deal was thwarted by a suspicious British government and by the ________, to Brand's great distress.
Jewish Agency for IsraelDavid Ben-GurionWorld Zionist OrganizationPalestine

Question 10: Shortly after the invasion, Brand was asked by SS officer ________ to help broker a deal between the SS and the United States or Britain.
John DemjanjukAlois BrunnerWalter RauffAdolf Eichmann

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