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Question 1: This data is typically collected using an ________ (EFM) system.
Enterprise feedback managementCustomerSAP AGCustomer relationship management

Question 2: Finally, lower levels of ________ lead to higher job satisfaction[citation needed].
NeuroticismDASBPersonality psychology5-HTTLPR

Question 3: An important finding for organizations to note is that job satisfaction has a rather tenuous ________ to productivity on the job.
Pearson product-moment correlation coefficientCorrelation and dependenceVarianceNormal distribution

Question 4: A ________ of studies that assess the framework of the model provides some support for the validity of the JCM.
Meta-analysisStatistical hypothesis testingEffect sizeForest plot

Question 5: Judge argued that there are four Core Self-evaluations that determine one’s disposition towards job satisfaction: self-esteem, general self-efficacy, ________, and neuroticism.
Major depressive disorderLocus of controlEducational psychologyPsychology of religion

Question 6: ________ (aka Taylorism) also had a significant impact on the study of job satisfaction.
FordismScientific managementFrederick Winslow TaylorLean manufacturing

Question 7: These studies (1924-1933), primarily credited to Elton Mayo of the ________, sought to find the effects of various conditions (most notably illumination) on workers’ productivity.
Harvard UniversityHarvard Law SchoolHarvard Business SchoolHarvard Medical School

Question 8: motions == Mood and ________ while working are the raw materials which cumulate to form the affective element of job satisfaction.
Cognitive neuroscienceEmotionEvolutionary psychologyPositive psychology

Question 9: A recent ________ found an average uncorrected correlation between job satisfaction and productivity to be r=.18; the average true correlation, corrected for research artifacts and unreliability, was r=.30.
Forest plotEffect sizeMeta-analysisStatistical hypothesis testing

Question 10: This book contributed to a change in industrial production philosophies, causing a shift from skilled labor and piecework towards the more modern approach of ________ and hourly wages.
EngineeringManufacturingTransportAssembly line

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