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Job Cohen: Quiz


Question 1: He is expected to turn out to be a strong opponent of ________ in these elections and was described in the press with the remark to be "authoritarian but enlightened".
Dutch Labour PartyFemke HalsemaRita VerdonkGeert Wilders

Question 2: On 13 August he resigned from the Senate to take up the position of State Secretary in the Ministry of Justice in the second cabinet of Wim Kok, dealing chiefly with ________.
ImmigrationImmigration to the United Kingdom since 1922Immigration to SpainImmigration to Europe

Question 3: On March 12th 2010 ________ resigned as Head of the Dutch Labour Party (PvdA).
Maxime VerhagenWouter BosAndré RouvoetJan Peter Balkenende

Question 4: On 1 September 1981 he joined ________ in a higher scientific capacity, and was chairman of the commission that prepared the establishment of a faculty of law.
Maastricht TreatyZuyd UniversityUniversity College MaastrichtMaastricht University

Question 5: In late 2007, Cohen moved to reduce prostitution in Amsterdam, following allegations that ________ and other organized criminals had taken over the prostitution industry.
Altamont Free ConcertBandidosHells AngelsOutlaws Motorcycle Club

Question 6: [4] On March 12, 2010, he was named by ________ as the next political leader for the Labour Party going into the June 9th general election.
Maxime VerhagenJan Peter BalkenendeWouter BosAndré Rouvoet

Question 7: In 2006 the World Mayor organization determined Cohen to be runner-up in the award for World Mayor of 2006, behind Melbourne mayor John So, and ahead of ________ mayor Stephen R. Reed.
Allentown, PennsylvaniaHarrisburg, PennsylvaniaHummelstown, PennsylvaniaPhiladelphia

Question 8: During the Dutch general election of 2003 Cohen was the ________'s candidate for Prime Minister.
Dutch Labour PartyMark RutteRita VerdonkGeert Wilders

Question 9: Between 1 September 1971 and 1 September 1981, Job Cohen held a scientific position at the Bureau Research of Education at ________.
Katholieke Universiteit LeuvenUtrecht UniversityUppsala UniversityLeiden University

Question 10: He is the son of ________ professor Adolf Emile Cohen and Hetty Coster, who were members of the local liberal Jewish community.
Geologic time scaleHistoryTimePeriodization

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