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Question 1: [3] This win and the Kid were worked into Ramon's feud with ________ with DiBiase taunting Ramon repeatedly over losing to a nobody until he too was pinned by the Kid.
Hulk HoganBret HartTed DiBiaseRoddy Piper

Question 2: [1] It is derived from the euphemism "doing one's job", which was employed to protect ________.
KayfabeThe UndertakerShawn MichaelsAdam Copeland

Question 3: To lose a match fairly (meaning without any ________ rules being broken) is to job cleanly.
The UndertakerShawn MichaelsKayfabeAdam Copeland

Question 4: ________, better known as the Brooklyn Brawler in the WWF, is often recognized as the most famous jobber for the majority of his in-ring career and has since become a part of his character.
Steve LombardiJohn CenaKurt AngleTriple H

Question 5: Also, in ________ since 1994, the tendency of the Armstrongs (particularly Brad Armstrong) to lose matches was referred to as the "Armstrong curse".
World Championship WrestlingExtreme Championship WrestlingWorld Wrestling EntertainmentAmerican Wrestling Association

Question 6: WWE diva ________ plays a tone deaf singer gimmick, constantly losing matches against other divas.
Jillian HallDave BatistaJohn CenaWorld Wrestling Entertainment

Question 7: This often happens to popular faces towards the end of their careers, including Tony Garea, ________, and, more recently, Val Venis, and Tommy Dreamer.
Bret HartGreg ValentineStone Cold Steve AustinTito Santana

Question 8: For example, Poffo carried ________ to the ring, which he threw into the stands just before he read poetry.
Guts (game)Walter Frederick MorrisonFlying discFlying disc games

Question 9: The term has entered into popular culture, to mean a loser or someone who is worthless, as well as jabroni, a phrase that was popularized by ________ in the 80s and used later by The Rock.
Iron SheikRic FlairStone Cold Steve AustinRoddy Piper

Question 10: As ________ is scripted, inevitably a wrestler will be required to lose to an opponent.
Global Professional Wrestling AllianceWorld Wrestling EntertainmentNational Wrestling AllianceProfessional wrestling


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