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Job (Biblical figure): Quiz


Question 1: Additionally, the ________ community also maintains a tomb for the Prophet Job in the El-Chouf mountain district in Lebanon.
Muslim historyDruzeIslamic schools and branchesShia Islam

Question 2: In addition, Job is mentioned in the New Testament: the ________ 5:11 cites Job as an example of perseverance in suffering.
Biblical canonActs of the ApostlesDevelopment of the New Testament canonEpistle of James

Question 3: King David, Job and ________ described the Torah's length without putting a number to it (in Tractate Eruvin 21a).

Question 4: ________ challenges Job's integrity, proposing to God that Job serves him simply because God protects him.
SatanChristian teaching about the DevilDevilAbrahamic religions

Question 5: The Turkish city of ________ (formerly Edessa) claims to be the location at which Job underwent his ordeal, and has a well said to be the one formed when he struck the ground with his foot as described in the Qur'an.

Question 6: A clear majority of Rabbinical ________ scholars saw Job as having existed; an actual historical figure.

Question 7: The tomb of Job is believed to be situated in Jabal Qara outside the city of Salalah in Southern ________.
QatarSaudi ArabiaUnited Arab EmiratesOman

Question 8: There is a minority view among Rabbinical scholars, for instance that of Rabbi Simeon ben Laqish, that says Job never existed (________ Genesis Rabbah LXVII).
TalmudRabbinic literatureBibleMidrash

Question 9: Christianity accepts the Book of Job as canon in the ________ and thus contains the same information regarding Job as discussed above in the Hebrew Bible.
Biblical canonOld TestamentNew TestamentBiblical apocrypha

Question 10: In this view, Job was a literary creation by a ________ who used this form of writing to convey a divine message.

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