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Question 1:
When was Joan of Arc born?
circa 1412
Circa 1940
Circa 1502
circa 1665

Question 2:
Who played Father Monet the videomovie Joan of Arc?
John Emery
Robert Loggia
Edwin Apps
Christian Barbier

Question 3:
What role did Robert Loggia play in the videomovie Joan of Arc?
Father Monet
Jacques D'Arc
The Dauphin, later King Charles VII of France

Question 4: Bishop Cauchon denied Joan's appeals to the ________ and the pope, which should have stopped his proceeding.
First Council of NicaeaCouncil of VienneCouncil of FlorenceCouncil of Chalcedon

Question 5:
Who played Comrade the videomovie Joan of Arc?
Chad Willett
Gene Lockhart
Rab Affleck
Ward Bond

Question 6:
When is Joan of Arc's birthday?
ca. 1412

Question 7:
What is Joan of Arc also known as?
Jeanne d'Arc
Moonesinghe, Jeanne
Martigny, Jeanne Thu00E9ru00E8se du Han de
Reeves, Jeanne de La Fonte

Question 8:
How is Joan of Arc described?
King of France
National heroine of France
Winner of Tour de France, Giro d'Italia, Vuelta a Espau00F1a
French military commander and Marshal of France

Question 9:
Where did Joan of Arc die?

Question 10:
What role did Ward Bond play in the videomovie Joan of Arc?
Jacques D'Arc
Sir Robert de Baudricourt
La Hire
The Dauphin, later King Charles VII of France

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