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Joachim von Ribbentrop: Quiz


Question 1:
What did Joachim von Ribbentrop do for a living?
politician, diplomat
diplomat, sinologist, colonial administrator
diplomat, colonial administrator
Businessman, Diplomat

Question 2:
Who was the successor of Joachim von Ribbentrop?

Question 3: [101] In the same report, Ribbentrop advised Hitler to abandon the idea of a British alliance, and instead embrace the idea of an alliance of Germany, Japan and Italy, who would destroy the ________.
NauruInformal EmpireBritish EmpireBarbados

Question 4:
When is Joachim von Ribbentrop's birthday?

Question 5:

Question 6: On 5 November 1937, the conference between the Reich’s top military-foreign policy leadership and Hitler recorded in the so-called ________ occurred.
Hossbach MemorandumAdolf HitlerAndreas HillgruberHermann Göring

Question 7: Army interpreter for the prosecution Richard Sonnenfeldt asked ________ Ernst von Weizsacker, Ribbentrop's second in command, how Hitler could have made him a high official.

Question 8:
Who of the following was a child of Joachim von Ribbentrop?
Angela, Lindsey
Hayden Benge

Question 9:
Which is currently the premier party of Joachim von Ribbentrop?
, National Socialist German Workers Party
All-German Bloc/League of Expellees and Deprived of Rights,
German People's Union
National Socialist German Workers' Party

Question 10:
Where did Joachim von Ribbentrop die?
Nuremberg, Germany
Rechenberg near Nuremberg, Germany
Freiburg, Baden-Wu00FCrttemberg, Germany
near Dresden, Germany

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