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Question 1:
Which of the following genres does Jimi Hendrix produce?

Question 2: [34] In interviews in the US, Hendrix almost never mentioned it, and when ________ brought it up in his TV interview, Hendrix's only response was to verify that he had been based at Fort Campbell.
CBSJack PaarThe Dick Cavett ShowDick Cavett

Question 3: According to surgeon John Bannister, the doctor who initially attended to him, Hendrix had ________ in his own vomit, mainly red wine which had filled his airways, as the autopsy was to show.
Hypoxia (medical)Altitude sicknessAsphyxiaDecompression sickness

Question 4:
On what date was Jimi Hendrix born?

Question 5: Designed by architect and ________ John Storyk, the studio was made specifically for Hendrix, with round windows and a machine capable of generating ambient lighting in a myriad of colors.
AcousticsOpticsPhysicsClassical mechanics

Question 6: [107] He then boarded an Air India flight for London with Billy Cox, joining Mitch Mitchell to perform at the ________.
Isle of Wight Festival 1970Woodstock FestivalSchaefer Music FestivalIsle of Wight Festival 1969

Question 7: Only ________' Sgt. Pepper's Lonely Hearts Club Band prevented Are You Experienced from reaching No.
George HarrisonI Want to Hold Your HandStrawberry Fields ForeverThe Beatles

Question 8:
When did Jimi Hendrix die?
30 Aug 1970

Question 9: Since there were two musicians named "Randy" in the group, Hendrix dubbed Wolfe "Randy California" (as he had recently moved from there to New York City) and Palmer (a ________) "Randy Texas".
Spanish AmericanCatalan AmericanEuropean AmericanTejano

Question 10:
How is Jimi Hendrix described?
Blues-rock guitarist and vocalist.
Rock musician
American indie rock musician
English rock musician

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