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Question 1:
What role did Jim Fullington play in the videomovie ECW Living Dangerously?
The Sandman
Justin Credible
Tommy Dreamer

Question 2:
Where was Jim Fullington born?

Question 3:
Who of the following trained Jim Fullington?
Rudy Boy Gonzalez
Larry Winters
2) Georges Bridgland
David Oughton

Question 4: At the ECW premier PPV Barely Legal, Sandman wrestled a three-way dance with Terry Funk and ________, for a shot at the ECW title later that night, but fell short of the title.
Stevie RichardsMick FoleyScott LevyRob Van Dam

Question 5:
  • DDT, usually onto a chair or ________[1]
    Barbed tapeFortificationTrench warfareBarbed wire

Question 6:
When did Jim Fullington make his debut?
World's Finest Comics #295
Strange Adventures #104

Question 7:
What role did Jim Fullington play in the movie Cactus Jack Invades ECW?
Johnny Grunge
The Sandman
Cactus Jack

Question 8: Whilst at XPW Sandman also wrestled within the fledgling ________ promotion.
Hardcore HomecomingPro-Pain Pro WrestlingJuggalo Championship WrestlingUWF Live

Question 9: He also had stints in World Championship Wrestling, ________, and World Wrestling Entertainment.
Samoa JoeA.J. StylesTotal Nonstop Action WrestlingKurt Angle

Question 10:
What role did Jim Fullington play in the videomovie ECW Barely Legal?
Stevie Richards
The Sandman

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