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  • Stave Puzzles makes a 44-piece jigsaw puzzle named Champ that can be put together 32 different ways but has only one correct solution?

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Question 1: In some cases more advanced types have appeared on the market, such as spherical jigsaws and puzzles showing ________.
Motion perceptionOp artImpossible objectOptical illusion

Question 2: ________ could be considered a virtual jigsaw puzzle.
Tetris DSTetris: The Soviet Mind GameTetrisTetris (Game Boy)

Question 3: More recently, technology such as computer controlled laser and ________ machines have been used to give a much wider range of interlocking designs in wood and other materials.
SawBand sawWater jet cutterPliers

Question 4: During recent years a range of ________ including boards, cases, frames and roll-up mats has become available that are designed to assist jigsaw puzzle enthusiasts.
Intellectual propertyJigsaw puzzle accessoriesPatentGreat Depression

Question 5: A jigsaw puzzle is a tiling puzzle that requires the assembly of numerous small, often oddly shaped, interlocking and ________ pieces.

Question 6: John Spilsbury, a ________ mapmaker and engraver, is credited with commercialising jigsaw puzzles around 1760[1].

Question 7: Typical images found on jigsaw puzzles include scenes from nature, ________, and repetitive designs.

Question 8: Jigsaw puzzles were originally created by ________ a picture on a flat, rectangular piece of wood, and then cutting that picture into small pieces with a jigsaw, hence the name.

Question 9: ________ and mountains are two traditional subjects.
KeepHill fortFortificationCastle

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