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Jiaozhou Bay: Quiz


Question 1: The area was occupied subsequently by British and Japanese forces after the ________.
Naval warfare of World War IAsian and Pacific theatre of World War ISiege of TsingtaoWorld War I

Question 2: As a result, the ________ refused to sign the Treaty.
Chiang Kai-shekWarlord eraBeiyang GovernmentSecond Zhili–Fengtian War

Question 3: Main article: ________
Marshall IslandsQingdaoPalauJiaozhou Bay concession

Question 4: According to official data,[1] the surface area has been decreased from 560 km² during 1928 to 362 km² by 2003 due to sustained ________ activities in recent decades.
JapanMexico CityLand reclamationHong Kong

Question 5: This arrangement caused China-wide protests known as the "________," which is regarded as a significant event of modern Chinese history.
Shandong ProblemMing DynastyMay Fourth MovementChinese language

Question 6: The area became widely known to Europeans after a lease for 99 years was concluded by the ________ during March 1898 with the Qing government of China.
German colonial empireAustria–HungaryHoly Roman EmpireGerman Empire


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