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Jian Seng: Quiz


Question 1: Since no owner of the ship could ever be located, it was towed to deep water on April 21, 2006 and ________.
Naval mineEast African Campaign (World War II)SubmarineScuttling

Question 2:
Jian Seng, Vela Incident and Unidentified flying object are all:
Ships of China Ghost ships Mysteries Ships of Australia

Question 3:
Jian Seng, Australia II and MV Krait are all:
Ghost ships Ships of Australia Mysteries Ships of China

Question 4:
Jian Seng, Junk (ship) and Treasure ship are all:
Ghost ships Mysteries Ships of China Ships of Australia

Question 5: The Jian Seng was an 80-meter tanker of unknown origin that was spotted drifting 180 km south-west of Weipa, Queensland in the Gulf of Carpentaria by an Australian Coastwatch aeroplane in ________.

Question 6:
Jian Seng, Flying Dutchman and Mary Celeste are all:
Ships of China Mysteries Ships of Australia Ghost ships


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