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Jezreel Valley: Quiz


Question 1: British police had to be used to expel some and the dispossessed made their way to the coast to search for new work with most ending up in shanty towns on the edges of Jaffa and ________.
HaifaIsraelTel AvivJerusalem

Question 2: After the widespread Arab riots of 1929 in the then ________, the Hope Simpson Royal Commission was appointed to seek causes and remedies for the instability.
JordanGibraltarBritish EmpireBritish Mandate of Palestine

Question 3: As recounted in 2Kings 9:1-10, after Jehu kills King Jehoram, he confronts ________ in Jezreel and urges her eunuchs to kill Jezebel by throwing her out of a window.

Question 4: The valley once acted as the channel by which the ________, located southeast of the valley, connected to the Mediterranean Sea.
Dead SeaGreat Salt LakeCaspian SeaArctic Ocean

Question 5: ________, major battle in 1260 between the Mongols and the Mamluks
Battle of Ain JalutHulagu KhanFranco-Mongol allianceMongol invasions of Syria

Question 6: [4] It is regarded to have been the Biblical city of Ophrah, which the ________ identifies as the home of Gideon.
Book of JudgesBook of JoshuaBooks of KingsBooks of Samuel

Question 7: In the 1870s, the Sursock family of ________ (present-day Lebanon) purchased the land from the Ottoman government for approximately £20,000.

Question 8: In Christian Eschatology, the part of the valley on which the Battle of Megiddo was fought is believed to be destined to be the site of a final battle, between good and evil, known as ________ (a word derived from Megiddo).
Christian eschatological differencesEnd timeApocalypseArmageddon

Question 9: 4500-3300 BCE) to the ________ periods of the 11-13th centuries.
Kurdish peopleSaladinAyyubid dynastySyria

Question 10: This resulted in the Dead Sea no longer having a connection to the ocean, and over time, due to greater ________ than precipitation plus surface water inflow, it has become heavily saline.
Water vaporEvaporationTemperatureGas


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