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Jewish services: Quiz


Question 1: This approach has been taken by the Chassidei Ashkenaz (German pietists of the Middle-Ages), the Zohar, the Arizal's Kabbalist tradition, the Ramchal, most of Hassidism, the Vilna Gaon and ________.
BahirJacob EmdenKabbalahGilgul

Question 2: A Guide to Jewish Prayer, Rabbi ________, Shocken Books (ISBN 0-8052-4174-4)
Hebrew languageIsraelChabadAdin Steinsaltz

Question 3: Of the hymns, Psalm 100 (Mizmor LeTodah, the psalm for the Thanksgiving offering), is omitted because the todah or Thanksgiving offering could not be offered on ________ in the days of the Temple in Jerusalem.
Jewish holidayHebrew calendarPassoverShabbat

Question 4: Another formulation of the prayers was that appended by Maimonides to the laws of prayer in his ________: this forms the basis of the Yemenite liturgy, and has had some influence on other rites.
HalakhaJudaismMishneh TorahOrthodox Judaism

Question 5: Men are obligated to perform public prayer three times a day with additional services on ________.
Jewish holidayJewish RenewalPassoverKaraite Judaism

Question 6: Next comes the poem ________.
Yedid NefeshLekhah DodiZemirotBaqashot

Question 7: The Torah scroll is taken out of the Ark, and the weekly portion is read, followed by the ________.
HaftarahJewish servicesKiddush LevanaBereishit (parsha)

Question 8: All Reform synagogues are ________ with respect to gender roles.
SlaveryUniversal suffrageEgalitarianismTorture

Question 9: This is followed by the Tikanta Shabbat reading on the holiness of Shabbat, and then by a reading from the biblical ________ about the sacrifices that used to be performed in the Temple in Jerusalem.
Book of NumbersBook of DeuteronomyBook of LeviticusBook of Exodus

Question 10: Each service was instituted parallel to a sacrificial act in the ________: the morning Tamid offering, the afternoon Tamid, and the overnight burning of this last offering.
Jewish holidayTemple in JerusalemYemenite JewsChristianity and Judaism

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