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Jewish political movements: Quiz


Question 1: During the early stages of Jewish emancipation movements, Jews were simply part of the general effort to achieve freedom and rights that drove popular uprisings like the ________.
Revolutions of 1848Party of European SocialistsSocial democracySocialist International

Question 2: The movement was to achieve momentum under the leadership of an Austrian-Jewish journalist, ________, who published his pamphlet Der Judenstaat ("The Jewish State") in 1896.
ZionismTel AvivTheodor HerzlAntisemitism

Question 3: Some territorialist leaders, such as Nachman Syrkin, supported the Socialist versions of Zionism, while some others, such as Lucien Wolf, actively opposed ________ and promoted anti-nationalist ideas.
ZionismCanaanismAntisemitismReligious Zionism

Question 4: Most of the largest groups, such as ________ and the United Jewish Communities, have an elected leadership.
HadassahAnti-Defamation LeagueAmerican Jewish Joint Distribution CommitteeAmerican Jews

Question 5: In 1897 Herzl organized the First Zionist Congress in ________, Switzerland, which founded the World Zionist Organisation (WZO) and elected Herzl as its first President.
St. GallenBaselBernZürich

Question 6: Elazar connects this pluralist tendency to the fact that Jews are not expected to proselytize, and argues that whereas ________ and Islam anticipate a single world-state, Judaism does not.
Christian denominationBaptistChristianityEcumenism

Question 7: As long as the Jews lived in segregated communities, and as long as all avenues of social intercourse with their gentile neighbors were closed to them, the ________ was the most influential member of the Jewish community.
RabbiConservative JudaismAntisemitismOrthodox Judaism

Question 8: While the Jews in general played an important role in the international anarchist movements, many Jewish anarchists actively promoted ________ language and culture, focused on specifically Jewish issues.
Jewish languagesJudaeo-SpanishYiddish languageHebrew language

Question 9: Most Jewish anarchists supported ________ and communist anarchism, while a few were individualist anarchists.
Workers' self-managementAnarcho-syndicalismLibertarian socialismSocial anarchism

Question 10: They raise record sums of money for philanthropic and ________ causes in North America and Israel.
AbolitionismHuman rightsHumanitarianismSlavery

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