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Jewish Christians: Quiz


Question 1: See also ________ and Circumcision controversy in early Christianity#Jewish background.
JesusIslamJudaismAbrahamic religions

Question 2: ________ in turn rejected Marcion and praised the Twelve Apostles in his Against Heresies 3.12.12:[26]
Justin MartyrEucharistic theologies contrastedJeromeIrenaeus

Question 3: According to ________' History of the Church 4.5.3-4: the first 15 Bishops of Jerusalem were "of the circumcision".
Development of the New Testament canonEarly ChristianityEusebius of CaesareaTimeline of Christianity

Question 4: Marcion in the 2nd century, called the "most dangerous" heretic, rejected the Twelve Apostles, and interpreted a Jesus who rejected the Law of Moses using 10 Pauline Epistles and the ________.
Gospel of JohnGospel of LukeGospel of MarkGospel of Matthew

Question 5: The historical term refers to ________ of or attracted to Jewish culture.
Early ChristianityCrusadesBiblical canonEast–West Schism

Question 6: Former Professor of Historical Theology at the University of Oxford, ________ claims that the 1st century Jewish Christians were fully faithful religious Jews, only differing in their acceptance of Jesus as the Messiah.
Richard DawkinsAlister McGrathChristian theologyUnited Kingdom

Question 7: The Romans destroyed the Jewish leadership in Jerusalem in year 135 during the ________.
Third TempleTabernacleBar Kokhba revoltTisha B'Av

Question 8: The term Ebionites derives from the Hebrew Evyonim, meaning "the Poor Ones",[35][36] which has parallels in the ________ and the self-given term of pious Jewish circles.
Psalms 152–155EpistlePsalmsPsalm 151

Question 9: They generally used one of the ________.
Early ChristianityNew TestamentJewish-Christian GospelsJesus

Question 10: The ________ are also known as Syrian Christians or St. Thomas Christians.
JesusSyrian Malabar NasraniCoonan Cross OathEastern Christianity


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