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Jewish–Roman wars: Quiz


Question 1: ________ (66–73) — also called the First Jewish Revolt or the Great Jewish Revolt.
Jewish historyPhariseesFirst Jewish–Roman WarHasmonean

Question 2: War against Gallus (351) — the Jewish revolt originating in ________.
LajjunTzipporiBayt JibrinAl Qastal, Palestine

Question 3: Some sources use the term to refer only to the First Jewish-Roman War (66–73) and ________ (132-135).
Tisha B'AvTabernacleBar Kokhba revoltThird Temple

Question 4: ________ (115–117) — sometimes called the Second Jewish-Roman War.
Kitos WarTrajanRoman EmpireOsroene

Question 5: The Jewish-Roman wars were a series of revolts by the Jews of ________ against the Roman Empire.
Roman BritainDacia (Roman province)Iudaea ProvinceHispania

Question 6: ________ (132–135) — also called the Second Jewish-Roman War (when Kitos War is not counted), or the Third (when the Kitos War is counted).
Bar Kokhba revoltTabernacleThird TempleTisha B'Av

Question 7: Revolt against Heraclius (613) — the Jewish revolt originating in ________.
NazarethSafedAcre, IsraelTiberias


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