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Jew Watch: Quiz


Question 1: During this time, Jew Watch's ranking fluctuated in the top three to five positions for the search term "Jew" on the American Google site, along with two Wikipedia articles for "Jew" and "________".

Question 2: The increasing publicity has resulted in many news sources, weblogs, and general information sites to link to Jew Watch, and thus created a ________.
Google bombAl GorePageRankGoogle search

Question 3: The website also describes ________ as a "Jewish Religion."[16]
EcumenismChristian denominationChristianityBaptist

Question 4: Weltner also links to another website of his where he posted his "Relevations",[18] among which God told him that "Hitler was a Saint," that the Jews were responsible for the ________, and that black Africans are "the abomination of Noah".
Robert RicksWaco, TexasDavid KoreshWaco Siege

Question 5: Anti-Semitic site drops off Google, ________, April 26, 2004.

Question 6: ________. Retrieved 2006-04-09.
GameSpotCNET NetworksLast.fmCBS

Question 7: The site became notorious in April 2004 when it emerged as the first result in a ________ search for the word “Jew”.
Android (operating system)Google VariationsGoogleGoogle Latitude

Question 8: In addition, the website claims that the former Soviet Union, the United States, the former Soviet CIS states, Austria, Germany, the United Kingdom, Australia, and France are "________."[17]
Antisemitic canardNeo-NazismZionist Occupation GovernmentAntisemitism

Question 9: The site describes itself as “The Internet's Largest Scholarly Collection of Articles on Jewish History" and as “a Not-For-Profit Library for private study, scholarship, or research.” The site is widely categorized as an ________ hate site.
JewsAntisemitismThe HolocaustRacial antisemitism

Question 10: A scandal in 2006 involved solicitations for donations to aid victims of ________ being redirected to Jew Watch.
Hurricane RitaHurricane WilmaHurricane CamilleHurricane Katrina

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