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Jet pack: Quiz


Question 1: A ________-powered motor is based on the decomposition reaction of hydrogen peroxide.
AntisepticEthanolHydrogen peroxideChlorhexidine

Question 2: The ________ series of prime time cartoons had an episode or two with jet pack technology integrated into those episodes as a common future technology.
The JetsonsJonny QuestHanna-BarberaAdult Swim

Question 3: In 1958 Garry Burdett and Alexander Bohr, engineers of ________ Corporation created the "Jump Belt", which they named Project Grasshopper.
Orion (spacecraft)ThiokolAres ISpace Shuttle

Question 4: On 25 October 2005 in Lahti in ________, Visa Parviainen jumped from a hot air balloon in a wingsuit with two small turbojet jet engines attached to his feet.

Question 5: Rossy's jet pack was exhibited on 18 April 2008 at the opening day of the 35th Exhibition of Inventions at ________.

Question 6: Jet packs were built into ________'s armour suit.
Advanced Idea MechanicsStark TowerIron ManStan Lee

Question 7: Rocket packs can be useful in ________, where much less thrust is needed, because the weightlessness of space removes the need to continually fight against gravity.
UniverseSunVacuumOuter space

Question 8: The ________, which conducted most jet pack research, has declared that helicopters are far more practical.
United States Marine CorpsUnited States ArmyUnited States armed forcesUnited States Navy

Question 9: ________ released in 1996 featured a jet pack with limited flight time.
Doom (video game)Duke Nukem 3DEntertainment Software Rating BoardNonviolent video game

Question 10: His first successful trial was on 24 June 2004 near ________, Switzerland.

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