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Question 1: ________ operated the first commercial jet service, from London to Johannesburg, in 1952 with the de Havilland Comet jetliner.
British South American AirwaysBritish European AirwaysBA CityFlyerBritish Overseas Airways Corporation

Question 2: The first operational jet fighter was the ________, made by Germany during late World War II.
Messerschmitt Bf 109Messerschmitt Bf 110Messerschmitt Me 163Messerschmitt Me 262

Question 3: The fastest airbreathing jet aircraft is the unmanned ________ scramjet at around Mach 9-10.
X-20 Dyna-SoarX-planeNASA X-43North American X-15

Question 4: Brown, flying in an F-80, intercepted two North Korean MiG-15s near the Yalu River and shot them down in the first jet-to-jet ________ in history.
Air combat manoeuvringFighter aircraftAerial warfareDogfight

Question 5: The British flew their ________ prototype on May 15, 1941, powered by Sir Frank Whittle's turbojet, and piloted by Flt Lt PG Sayer.
Gloster JavelinGloster E.1/44Gloster E.28/39Gloster Meteor

Question 6: The ________, while far faster than the X-43 or X-15, is not regarded as a jet aircraft during ascent, nor during reentry and landing (as it is unpowered during this phase of operation).
Apollo programAres VAres ISpace Shuttle

Question 7: The speed of sound predominantly depends on air temperature (hardly at all on ________), so the Mach number for the speed of a jet also varies with atmospheric conditions.
Pressure measurementVacuumPressureForce

Question 8: The fastest military jet plane was the ________ at Mach 3.35 (2275 MPH).
P-2 NeptuneSR-71 BlackbirdLockheed VenturaLockheed XB-30

Question 9: About the same time, the United Kingdom's ________ was limited to defense of the UK against the V1 flying bomb and ground-attack operations over Europe in the last months of the war.
Gloster GladiatorGloster MeteorGloster GauntletGloster Javelin

Question 10: On November 8, 1950, during the ________, United States Air Force Lt.
Sino-Soviet border conflictCold WarVietnam WarKorean War


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