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Jet Force Gemini: Quiz


Question 1: ________ obtained the rights to merchandising both Jet Force Gemini and Perfect Dark toys, movies, and other recreational products, but nothing seems to have been done with the deal.
4Kids TVNews CorporationBritish Sky Broadcasting4Kids Entertainment

Question 2: Nintendo provided a quick-fix to the mislabeled covers by providing stickers declaring its ________ compatibility and fixed later printings of the boxes.
Rumble PakNintendo DSiNintendo DSGame Boy Advance

Question 3: The Game Boy Color version was never officially announced by either RareWare or ________.
SonyFujitsuCanon (company)Nintendo

Question 4: Recently an unreleased ________ version of Jet Force Gemini was discovered.
Game Boy ColorNintendo DSiGame Boy AdvanceGame Boy line

Question 5: Jet Force Gemini at the ________
Time WarnerLife (magazine)Jim BarksdaleOpen Directory Project

Question 6: He is named after ________, the third asteroid to be discovered by humans.
4 Vesta2 Pallas3 JunoCeres (dwarf planet)

Question 7: He is named after Mizar, a star in the constellation ________.
Aquila (constellation)Orion (constellation)Ursa MajorUrsa Minor

Question 8: Jet Force Gemini released to generally good reviews from critics, though not as high as Rare's other N64 games such as ________ and Perfect Dark.
Star Fox AdventuresJames BondJames Bond 007: NightfireGoldenEye 007

Question 9: He has the ability to walk through ________ safely.
BasaltMagmaIgneous rockGranite

Question 10: Jet Force Gemini is a 3D science fiction third-person shooter video game for the ________ developed and published by RareWare and released on October 11, 1999.
Super Nintendo Entertainment SystemNintendo 64Nintendo GameCubeNintendo Entertainment System

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