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Question 1: [2] The Jesuit reductions present a controversial chapter of the evangelisational history of the Americas, and are variously described as jungle ________ or as theocratic regimes of terror.

Question 2: The first buildings were usually made in wood, which was sometimes covered with ________ decoration imitating stone Baroque architecture.

Question 3: [1] ________ gives a much more detailed account of the missions in Bolivia, and aspects of all the group.
SucreGuaraníJesuit ReductionsJesuit Missions of the Chiquitos

Question 4: [1] In Mexico the policy was called congregación, and also took the form of the hospitals of Vasco de Quiroga, and the Franciscan Missions of ________, and in Portuguese Brazil they were known as aldeias.
Los AngelesSan Jose, CaliforniaSacramento, CaliforniaCalifornia

Question 5: There are also two ________, Língua Geral and Nheengatu, originating in the reductions and based on Guaraní, Tupi and Portuguese.
English languageFrench languageCreole languagePortuguese language

Question 6: Later reductions were extended into areas now part of ________, Brazil, Bolivia and Uruguay.
MexicoBuenos AiresChileArgentina

Question 7: A number of trades and skills were taught to some Indians, including even printing, to produce mostly religious texts in indigenous languages, some illustrated by ________ by indigenous artists.

Question 8: San Ignacio Mini in ________
Misiones ProvinceBuenos AiresArgentinaCorrientes Province

Question 9: Many have been declared UNESCO World Heritage sites, including six of the ________ in Bolivia, and others in Brazil, Argentina and Paraguay.
GuaraníJesuit Missions of the ChiquitosSucreJesuit Reductions

Question 10: When their existence was threatened by the incursions of ________ slave traders, Indian militia were created that fought effectively against the colonists.
AbolitionismSlaveryAtlantic slave tradeBandeirantes


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