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Jessie's Girl: Quiz


Question 1:
What single was released before Jessie's Girl?
"Take a Hand"
"I Remember You"
"Days Go By"
"Where The Sour Turns To Sweet" / "In Hiding"

Question 2:
What is the B side to Jessie's Girl?
"Root Beer Rag", "Half a Mile Away"
"Carry On Till Tomorrow"
"Carry Me Away"
"Will He Ever Go Away"

Question 3: The song was released in the United Kingdom in March 1984 and peaked at number 43 on the ________ in April 1984.
The Official Charts CompanyUK Albums ChartEcho (music award)UK Singles Chart

Question 4:

Question 5:
Which of the following labels did Jessie's Girl work with?

Question 6:

Question 7:
What proceeded Jessie's Girl?
"Abba-esque EP" by Erasure
DEV-O Live EP by Devo
with "Pe-o margine de lume"
Tseung Kwan O Sports Ground

Question 8:
Which of the following genres does Jessie's Girl produce?

Question 9:
What single was released after Jessie's Girl?
"I've Done Everything for You"
"One Hundred Things You Should Have Done in Bed"
"Never You Done That"
"Must Have Done Something Right"

Question 10:
How long is Jessie's Girl?
87 minutes approx.


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