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Question 1:
Who played Parson Bill the movie Jesse James?
Slim Summerville
William Courtright
Harry Woods
Randolph Scott

Question 2:
What role did Randolph Scott play in the movie Jesse James?
Parson Bill
Jesse Woodson James
Marshall Will Wright
Jesse James

Question 3:
When is Jesse James's birthday?

Question 4: ________, the agency's founder and leader, took on the case as a personal vendetta.
United StatesPinkerton National Detective AgencyAllan PinkertonJesse James

Question 5: Later in 1876, Jesse and Frank James surfaced in the ________ area, where they went by the names of Thomas Howard and B.
BostonNashville, TennesseeColumbus, OhioMemphis, Tennessee

Question 6:
What role did William Courtright play in the movie Jesse James?
Parson Bill
Jesse Woodson James
Jesse James

Question 7:
What role did Jesse James play in the movie Fear of the Dark?
Figure Pulling Young Ryan/Cloaked Tall Figure #1
The Black Rose Killer
Ryan Billings
Dale Billings

Question 8:
Who played Jailer the movie Jesse James?
Tyrone Power
Slim Summerville
Harry Woods
James Pierce

Question 9:
What is Jesse James also known as?
James, Jesse Woodson
Hahn, Jesse Beryle
Weaver, Jesse B.
Jesse James Strang

Question 10:
Who played Major Rufus Cobb the movie Jesse James?
J. Edward Bromberg
Henry Hull
Montagu Love
Randolph Scott

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