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Jersey Shore shark attacks of 1916: Quiz


Question 1: In 1974, writer ________ published Jaws, a novel about a rogue great white shark that terrorizes the fictional coastal community of Amity Island.
Jaws: The RevengePeter BenchleyJaws 2Jaws (film)

Question 2: [21] The Fourth Avenue Beach at Asbury Park was enclosed with a ________-wire-mesh fence and patrolled by armed motorboats; it remained the only beach open following the Everingham incident.
Carbon steelIronStainless steelSteel

Question 3: Ichthyologist Henry Weed Fowler and curator Henry Skinner of the ________ in Philadelphia asserted that a shark's jaws did not have the power to sever a human leg in a single bite.
Academy of Natural SciencesOrnithologyEdward Drinker CopeBotany

Question 4: After the attacks on Stillwell, Fisher, and Dunn, residents of Matawan lined Matawan Creek with nets and detonated ________ in an attempt to catch and kill the shark.
DynamiteExplosive materialNitroglycerinCordite

Question 5: [17][18] Actress Gertrude Hoffman was swimming at the ________ beach shortly after the Matawan attacks when she claimed to have encountered a shark.
Brighton BeachConey IslandBrooklynBarren Island, Brooklyn

Question 6: Major American newspapers such as the ________, Chicago Sun-Times, Philadelphia Inquirer, Washington Post and San Francisco Chronicle placed the story on the front page.
The Enterprise (Brockton)New York PostWFXTBoston Herald

Question 7: The House of Representatives appropriated $5,000 for eradicating the New Jersey shark threat, and President ________ scheduled a meeting with his Cabinet to discuss the attacks.
Thomas R. MarshallWoodrow WilsonGeorge B. McClellanFranklin D. Roosevelt

Question 8: Meehan asserted in the ________ that the shark was preying on the dog, but attacked Vansant by mistake.
The New York TimesThe Philadelphia InquirerThe Saturday Evening PostPublic Ledger (Philadelphia)

Question 9: [37] However, the ________ reported in 2002 that "some experts are suggesting that the great white may not in fact be responsible for many of the attacks pinned on the species.
National Geographic SocietyNational Geographic (magazine)Canadian GeographicGeographical (magazine)

Question 10: The attacks inspired ________'s novel Jaws (1974), an account of a great white shark that torments the fictional coastal community of Amity.
Jaws (film)Jaws: The RevengeJaws 2Peter Benchley


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