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Question 1: Siegel also created the ghostly avenger ________ during this same period.
Spectre (comics)Earth-TwoDoctor FatePower Girl

Question 2: He appeared in the short story "The Reign of the Super-Man" from Science Fiction #3, a science fiction ________ that Siegel published in 1933.
Alternative comicsAmateur press associationFanzineFan film

Question 3: Siegel attended Glenville High School in Cleveland, ________ and worked for its weekly student newspaper, The Torch.
MichiganOhioNew JerseyIndiana

Question 4: Siegel's later work would appear in ________, where under the pseudonym "Joe Carter" he scripted the "Human Torch" feature in Strange Tales #112-113 (Sept.-Oct.
Marvel AnimationMarvel ComicsMarvel StudiosMarvel Entertainment

Question 5: [3][4] Siegel was a fan of movies, ________, and especially science fiction pulp magazines.
ComicsNational Cartoonists SocietyComic stripComic strip formats

Question 6: In 1929, Siegel published what might have been the first SF fanzine, Cosmic Stories, which he produced with a manual typewriter and advertised in the classified section of ________.
Amazing StoriesWonder StoriesStartling StoriesScience fiction magazine

Question 7: The son of Jewish immigrants from ________, Siegel was the youngest of six children.

Question 8: He became active in what would become known as fandom, corresponding with other science fiction fans, including the young future author ________.
E. E. SmithJack WilliamsonIsaac AsimovFrederik Pohl

Question 9: Siegel and Shuster created a bald telepathic ________ named "The Superman," bent on dominating the entire world.
VillainAntagonistFictionFairy tale

Question 10: Siegel and Shuster each compared this character to Slam Bradley, an adventurer the pair had created for ________ #1 (May 1939).
BatmanGotham UndergroundWorld's Finest ComicsDetective Comics

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