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Question 1:
What gender is Jerry Seinfeld (character)?

Question 2: Jerry wants to be rid of Newman so badly that he once even helped him on his postal route so that he could get a prized transfer to ________ ("The Andrea Doria").
United StatesAlaskaHawaiiFlorida

Question 3: He also has a sister (mentioned in "________"), although she is never named, and never appears on screen.
SeinfeldSeinfeld (season 2)The Baby Shower (Seinfeld)The Chinese Restaurant

Question 4: Jerry's PIN code for his bank account is ________, who is the father of Superman and George's PIN code is BOSCO, the chocolate sauce brand as portrayed in the episode "The Secret Code".
KryptoniteJor-ElLex LuthorKrypton (comics)

Question 5:
What is Jerry Seinfeld (character) also known as?
White Feather
Slappy White
Su00E9bastien "Legend" Lu00E9ger, Seb, Elesse, Sebago, The White Duck
White Horse

Question 6:
What episode number was Jerry Seinfeld (character)?
High and Low

Question 7:
Where does Jerry Seinfeld (character) live?
Apartment 5A
1 Mile High Road
Massachusetts, USA
Saint Petersburg, Russia

Question 8:
What family does Jerry Seinfeld (character) belong to?
Eric Forman
Gary Ewing
J.R. Ewing

Question 9:
Who of the following is related to Jerry Seinfeld (character)?
Leo, Mac ; Stella, Silvia, Rose ; Jeffery, Artie, Douglass ; Nana
Colonel Mossman Rouechu00E9
Hans Straus
Joseph "Jake" Martin Jr.

Question 10:
Who out of the following people is credited as a creator of Jerry Seinfeld (character)?
Dan Carr
Graz Entertainment Inc.
Jerry Seinfeld, Larry David
Deborah Forte

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