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Jerry Lynn: Quiz


Question 1: On June 17, 2007 at Slammiversary, Jerry Lynn teamed up with former NFL tight end Frank Wycheck to defeat the team of ________ and Ron Killings.
Robert RoodeJames StormEric Young (wrestler)A.J. Styles

Question 2: Lynn and Jerrelle Clark lost to ________ and Johnny Swift.
Chris JerichoAl SnowRob Van DamGlenn Jacobs

Question 3: powerbomb flipped into a ________ - TNA
Professional wrestling aerial techniquesProfessional wrestling holdsFacebusterProfessional wrestling attacks

Question 4: Lynn started wrestling in March 1988 in various independent promotions in the Minnesota and ________ areas, one being Pro Wrestling America, and a brief stop in the Tennessee-based Smoky Mountain Wrestling.

Question 5: [3] He then had a brief stint in the ________ promotion, where he won its Cruiserweight title.
A.J. StylesWorld Wrestling All-StarsScott SteinerSteve Borden

Question 6: While he was injured, ________ fired him from WCW.
Ric FlairEric BischoffKevin NashHulk Hogan

Question 7: Lynn has wrestled on ROH's PPV taping on September 19, 2008 in a losing effort to ________.
Roderick StrongChris HeroBriscoe BrothersClaudio Castagnoli

Question 8: He is currently signed to ________ (ROH).
Ring of HonorPro Wrestling GuerrillaIndependent Wrestling Association Mid-SouthChikara (professional wrestling)

Question 9: After this, Lynn was involved in a feud with ________ and Mikey Whipwreck, a feud that was shortened when Whipwreck left for WCW.
Matt HardyChris JerichoChris BenoitLance Storm

Question 10: Lynn continued to make several other appearances throughout the rest of 2006, and even faced Bobby Roode in a losing effort during TNA's first ________ in Detroit.
Jeff JarrettBret HartHouse showDarren Matthews

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