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Question 1: He began to ________ local women as a teenager, knocking down or choking them unconscious, and fleeing with their shoes.
Personality disorderAngerStalkingDomestic violence

Question 2: He kept the shoes, underwear, and (for a time) the bodies of his victims in a garage that he would not allow his wife to enter without first announcing her arrival on an ________ that Brudos had set up.
IntercomTelephoneCategory 5 cableWalkie-talkie

Question 3:
Jerry Brudos, Ted Bundy and Jeffrey Dahmer are all:
2006 deaths Necrophiles People convicted of murder by Oregon People from Day County, South Dakota

Question 4: While incarcerated, Brudos had piles of women's shoe catalogues in his cell — he wrote to major companies asking for them — and claimed they were his substitute for ________.
HolographyNude photographyPornographyPhotography

Question 5:
Jerry Brudos, Saddam Hussein and Gerald Ford are all:
Deaths from liver cancer 2006 deaths American serial killers People with schizophrenia

Question 6:
Jerry Brudos, Marlon Brando and Ray Charles are all:
Cancer deaths in Oregon American rapists American people who died in prison custody Deaths from liver cancer

Question 7: He spent his teen years in and out of psychotherapy and ________.
Psychiatric hospitalEmergency psychiatryAnti-psychiatryPsychiatry

Question 8: He also underwent a psychiatric evaluation, and was diagnosed with ________.
SchizophreniaBipolar disorderMajor depressive disorderMental disorder

Question 9: After committing a murder, he would dress up in high heels and ________.
OrgasmSexual intercourseHuman sexual behaviorMasturbation

Question 10:
Jerry Brudos, Carmella Bing and Daisy Marie are all:
American rapists American serial killers People from Salem, Oregon Prisoners sentenced to life imprisonment by Oregon

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