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Question 1: Additionally, these jerky products may be ________ free.
GlutenTriticeae glutensGluten-free dietCoeliac disease

Question 2: Jerked meat was one of the first human-made products and was a crucially important ________ technique for survival.
PicklingCuring (food preservation)Fermentation (food)Food preservation

Question 3: In ________, New Zealand and the United Kingdom, jerky products are available and becoming more common.

Question 4: [3] Recently, other animals such as turkey, ostrich, salmon, ________, tuna and horse are also used.
American crocodileCrocodileAlligatorAmerican Alligator

Question 5: Domestic animals include bovine, pig, ________ and sheep or lamb.
GoatCattleDomestic sheepMilk

Question 6: ________ has opened up numerous specialty shops also, many of which are franchise extensions of stores from Hong Kong.
East TimorMaldivesPortugalMacau

Question 7: Traditional jerky, made from sliced, whole-muscle meat, is readily available in the United States and ________ in varying meats, brands and qualities, both as packaged and unpackaged.
BelizeUnited KingdomBarbadosCanada

Question 8: The meat must be dried quickly, to limit ________ growth during the critical period where the meat is not yet dry.
BacteriaGram-positive bacteriaGram-negative bacteriaCorynebacterium

Question 9: The result is jerky: a salty, savory, or semi-sweet snack that can be stored for a long time without ________.
Vapor-compression refrigerationHeat pumpRefrigeratorRefrigeration

Question 10: Also popular is shredded dry jerky sold in containers resembling ________ or dip.

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