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Question 1: The word is an eponym, named after the Biblical prophet Jeremiah, and comes from Biblical works attributed to him, the ________ and the Book of Lamentations.
Book of DanielBook of IsaiahBooks of KingsBook of Jeremiah

Question 2: Authors from ________ to Robert Bork have had this label hung on their works.
CadocWalesGildasKing Arthur

Question 3: Extending that tradition in a reflective vein is the autobiographical work of freed American slave Frederick Douglass, who lamented the moral corruption that slavery wrought on America - from both a Jeffersonian and ________ tradition.
JesusChristianityChristianCatholic Church

Question 4: The Book of Jeremiah prophesies the coming downfall of the ________, and asserts that this is because its rulers have broken the covenant with the Lord.
Kingdom of Israel (united monarchy)Kingdom of Israel (Samaria)Kingdom of JudahHasmonean

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