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Jeonju: Quiz


Question 1: Located in the fertile Honam plain, famous for ________ and exceptional produce, Jeonju has been an important regional center in the province for centuries.
Folic acidLysineAppleGarden strawberry

Question 2: The city was regarded as the spiritual capital of the ________ because the Yi royal family originated there.
Korean EmpireKorea under Japanese ruleSouth KoreaJoseon Dynasty

Question 3: Jeonju is a city in ________, and the capital of Jeollabuk-do, or North Jeolla Province.
North KoreaSouth KoreaSeoulKorean Peninsula

Question 4: The National Jeonju Museum exhibits ancient relics from the ________ days.

Question 5: Jeonju is the hometown of the breakdancing crew Last for One, international ________ champion.
ISSF World Shooting ChampionshipsWorld Weightlifting ChampionshipsBattle of the YearWorld Hip Hop Dance Championships

Question 6: The city also has a zoo, a large park, and the Samsung Sound and Culture Hall, a large, modern concert complex on the ________ campus.
HanjaSouth KoreaJeollabuk-doChonbuk National University

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